Friday, June 15, 2007

Piss poor poker

I've been so busy at work (bad), reading tons of WSOP blogging action (good), and dealing with life (good - more to come on that in a few weeks), that I've completly ignored my blog (very bad).

I haven't been playing all that much poker - but Banky and I have both been consistently cashing at Woody's games, and we both cashed at the Thursday Poker league last week. But last night was just horrible. I played SO badly and I knew it, and didn't stop myself. I was a loose passive calling station and gave my chips away with abandon. I need to give my head a shake.

Aside from our regular live games, I'm not playing at all. I've definitely lost all interest in online poker. My stats have spoken too loudly for me to ignore. It's all live for me baby!


I have an entry I have to write on Bluff Magazine and my scorn for their glorification of ZeeJustin the poker cheater....but I'll leave that for another day.