Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Oh, right. Manners.

Banky's out playing squash (his new obsession), the baby (when, officially, can I stop calling him the baby, anyway?) is sleeping, so here I find myself in front of FullTilt. Lately I only have time for 15-30 minutes here and there, so I've been limited to small-stakes ring games....but since I have more time tonight, I decided to fire up a SNG.

Just as the game starts, another player wished everyone good luck.

I honestly did a double take. It's been so long since I've been at a poker table with strangers where there was any sort of geniality. I was a little shocked.

And then I remembered how poker was when I started playing. People would say good luck, and good game, and nice hand (or GL, GG, and NH). It was rare that anyone spewed the venom and hate that I saw so much that I started tuning the chat out (or outright turning it off at times). When did everyone get so mean?

It took me a few seconds - but I responded to the other player, wishing them luck, too. I busted early - I hope Ms.Friendly goes on to win it...