Monday, September 28, 2009

7 years

In an attempt to find an appropriate picture to commemorate our 7th year of wedded bliss, I took a quick scan of Banky’s pics on Facebook, and discovered something shocking.

It appears that being married to me has made Banky turn to the bottle.

Happy Anniversary, Babe! Hope the next 7 are as filled with margaritas as the past 7 have been. Oh, and love and joy and all that other stuff, too.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Giving today a chance

I always liked the first day of school. It was nerve-wracking, but there was always a sense of promise, of a fresh start - this year, things will be better. I will be cooler, I will have more friends, I will be smarter, and I will actually do my homework. And of course, there was the new clothes, which were always just a touch too heavy to wear in early September, but I wore them anyway.

I'm not going back to school - but I want a new wardrobe anyway. If I can't actually have a fresh start, at least I can get a new pair of shoes...


Been suckered into playing every day on FullTilt (at least for a few minutes) in their Take 2 ring game promo. I both love and hate poker equally. Poker is like the worst boyfriend you could ever have. Makes you feel beautiful and then screws your best friend. But I come back for more, because I CAN CHANGE HIM. *sigh*


Kevin Smith did a 24-hour tweet-a-thon on Twitter yesterday/today. I only saw a handful of his tweets this morning, and this one resonated with me...

ThatKevinSmith Via @Tkide "give me some inspiration to make it through the work day" Today could rule. Give it a chance.

Today could rule. Give it a chance. I like it. I like it a lot.