Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh bubble, how I hate thee.

Last night was the last game in our Thursday League's 4th "season". It was a great game, because only the top 16 point earners get to play in the Season Finale next week, and there was a tight race for the 16th spot.

Mr.Tart has had an amazing season - I think he's had 8 out of 12 money finishes, with 3 1sts (and 4 2nd place finishes IN A ROW). Killer. I smoked last season with 5 1st place finishes....but this season has been a dissapointment. I've had 3 cashes (two 3rds and one 2nd). Last night I made it to the final table with a nice stack, but got card dead, and then wasn't agressive enough to compensate for by bad run of cards.

I ended up all-in with a dominated hand (QJc against AJo) and didn't hit. It was the Mr. himself who took me out. Fucker.

Ah well. He went on to win the game.

I had so much fun though - the game was competitive, but not too serious. I laughed so much. That's what poker is about for me.

The last 3 seasons I've had very dissapointent Season Finale's...I busted very early in the first two, and in the last one I was extremely sick. There was no way I wasn't going though, because we pay into the Finale fund every week....but I had no business being there. I busted out on the WORST suckout ever by the guy who ended up winning the tourney. So I'm hopeful that my lackluster performance this season bodes well for a Finale WIN (or at least money!).

Monday league starts up again on Monday. They've changed from a re-buy to a freezeout structure, so that should be interesting.

Looks like Mr.Tart and a friend and I might hit up a local club tomorrow night...we'll see how things progress.

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