Friday, September 14, 2007

You cannot hide your inner geek!

I received an email today from Amazon promoting products that are “Recommended for You”. The products featured were 3 boxed sets of various seasons of Stargate SG1, the latest Harry Potter book, Stargate Atlantis the complete 1st season, and the Planet Earth DVD series.

Cleary, Amazon knows that I am a nerd.

I’m a tired tart this morning. Banky and I stayed up a little late last night watching Big Brother and celebrating my 2nd place finish in the season ending tourney for the Thursday league.

It took me awhile to get into the celebratory mode, because I was really disappointed not to win. I was On. My. Game. last night. It was one of those games where you're totally in the flow. I was making correct decisions, and things were flowing my way. Despite not making any ‘huge’ hands (trips, straights, flushes), I was the chip leader (by a large margin) after the break. I was making good bets, raises and reraises, and I felt like I was in control of the table.

Unfortunately I had to call Banky’s all-in when I held AK (he was short stacked and went all-in with A9). It's never fun busting your husband, but sometimes it has to be done.

My downfall came when we were 4 handed, and the blinds were incredibly high. I got two back-to-back good starting hands (AKs, and AJo). In both cases, I raised preflop and was called (by the same player), and made continuation bets when I missed, only to get raised both times. I gave up on the flop…but those bets both cost me a good percentage of my stack. The player I bet into is a very good player and giving him so many chips was a mistake. I couldn’t not play those hands – but the second time around, I think I could have forgone the continuation bet.

I ended up heads-up with that same player, and he had me at about a 6:1 chip disadvantage. We only played 5 hands heads-up. I won the blinds twice (once with KJ, once with AQ), folded twice, and lost when my pre-flop all-in with 88 lost to J10 when a 10 hit on the flop, followed by a J on the turn. Had my 88 held up, it would have been a very good heads-up match. But it wasn’t meant to be.

I’m pleased with my second place finish – but at the time I was disappointed to have come so close to a win.


Mr. Bankwell said...

I think your downfall was the deal; you were pounding the table but once the deal was made players knew they'd make money and loosen up.

I think you played some of your best poker and you made some good reads. You knew that I had Kh-Jh not just the cards but even the suits.

RaisingCayne said...

Congrats on the 2nd place finish Tart. Nice work!

BamBam said...

As a hubby player who has been taken out by his wifey player...... your downfall was clearly.........taking out Banky! See, the marital gods and poker card gods are all aligned in Sagitarius right now. There is no clearer omen than to take out the poker hubby, that a 2nd. place finish cannot be far behind.

At least that's how Pebbles always explains it to me when she bust's me and doesn't win all out. It never made any sense to me either but, I figured I'd try to help you get over the devistation of finishing 2nd.

I don't know much about this zodiac crap but, how the hell does Sagitarius stay in one place soooooooo long?

LMAO ;o)

Congrats on a great 2nd. place result.

P.S. - Banky's right. Deal's can totally change the shape of a game. (Not recognizing this, is one of my larger downfalls too.) Give him a kiss, hug or ?? for me, 'cause it was a great point!

katitude said...

w00t!!! Nice going!

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BamBam said...

Tag Tart....... You're it. Please go to TuckFards for clarification!
Have a great weekend ;o)