Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Grizzle, good beats, and the truth about December

Sam Grizzle is one funny dude.

Last week’s Poker After Dark featured famous “Hecklers” – and the highlight for me was Sam Grizzle. I’ve read a lot about Sam, but had never seen him in action. He truly was as funny as his reputation, and I loved hearing some of his stories. I wasn’t that impressed with his play (he seemed to find the exact wrong time to bluff, every time he tried). But I enjoyed watching him at the table.

It got to heads-up between Shawn Sheikhan and Phil Helmuth, and Shawn was horribly out-matched. I think Phil’s ego needs a seat of it’s own, but there’s no doubt he can play, and he outplayed Shawn completely.


I had a good poker moment on Saturday night. But first, I have to tell a bad beat story. I will not pay you $2 for listening…you can skip by the story itself if you wish…

***Bad beat story begins***

20 player game, I made it to the final table with a short stack. There are 8 players left. I just scooped a nice pot without having to show down. I’m in late position (1 off the button) and the blinds are 150/300 with a 50 ante. As I’m stacking my chips from the last pot, a player in early position raises to 1000, and gets two smooth callers. I look down at two red Aces. Gorgeous. I push all in (only about 2500 more). The early position player calls immediately, and both the other players hem and haw before folding.

I immediately flip over my aces, and my opponent flips over AsKs.

The flop is Qh, Jh, 3s.
Turn is 8h

Someone calls for a 10 – but Banky says “10 of hearts" which would give me the flush. Of course, it’s the 10 of clubs that falls on the river, and I lose to a 2 outer.

***Bad beat story ends***

Despite the bad beat, it was a good poker moment for me – because I didn’t get mad, not at all. I felt flabbergasted, but not mad. I didn’t feel frustrated, or hold any bad feelings towards the other player. To me, that was a very good thing, and a sign that I’m maturing as a poker player.


And now the real reason Banky and I didn’t go to the blogger event in Vegas…

We’re on a bracelet race of our own, but a bracelet race of a different kind:

I’m due in July, so in December I was knee deep in morning sickness and daily naps. Not sure I would have been in any shape to meet a bunch of poker bloggers for the first time.

I’m definitely up for Eh-Vegas though, albeit a much more sober version than I’d like! So I hope to see a bunch of you there...


AlCantHang said...


katitude said...

SWEET! Another poker degenerate in the making *grin.

Seriously, congrats to you both :-)

BamBam said...

Saweeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!!!
Oh wait...... damn !

Now I can no longer treat you like the sexy wife of a friend of mine!
Oh man ! You're going to be a Mommy!

That just takes all the fun out of our relationship. ... Now we gotta' talk diapers and mashed pea poo's instead of Thongs and whipped cream bra's.

What a bad beat !

Congats kids ! Peb's and I are thrilled for you both !

Just in case it's a boy, the correct spelling is "Bam-Bam."


NutzFirth said...

congrats to both of you

Instant Tragedy said...

CONGRATS! I am so happy for both of you.

And for your information Bam Bam, some of the HOTTEST women in the world are mommies.

Tart will join the Milftastic!

Keep healthy, laughing and loving.


Anonymous said...


That is great news. SuzyQ and I are very happy for you guys.

mookie said...


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Congratulations! I assume from your post this is your first. Fun times.

Only 5 more to go to catch Mookie up there.

Fuel55 said...

Congrats - we are due in April.

Ed Reif said...

Leading off, the greatest playah on the planet, a legend in his own mind--Helmuth. I like the way Phil ---Controls The Options: Get Others To Play With The Cards You Menally Deal Them. I like to call his style of play, "Boiling the frog" His infinite patience brings immediate results. He's Mr. Science. He puts the odds back into God--- a Megalomaniac who not only must confuse his thoughts with gods, but gets you to believe in his thoughts. His reality check bounced a few times but he played well.

AmyC said...

Other than mentioning Sam Grizzle and your offspring in the same post, I totally approve:)

Congrats kids!!

KajaPoker said...

Congrats you two!

I am actually thinking that poker genes negate each other and the kid won't know a king of hearts from a 3 of clubs.

Anonymous said...


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The first satellite is held on Full Tilt Poker (a freeroll) February 10th.

Right now there's only 34 players signed up, the top 4 advance to a single-table semi-final in February. The fields aren't going to get any smaller as word of this promotion spreads. So if you want in, you'll want to play some of the earlier events to have less competition.

Hope the tables & life are treating you well, and I look forward to you playing in our WPT satellite for free!


jusdealem said...

Great news! Congrats!