Monday, February 25, 2008

My Eh-Vegas recap

I am a total suburbanite. Only the promise of a poker blogger gathering could summon me to the big bad city.

Banky and I left with plenty of time to spare...although we didn’t count on hellish traffic that started right when we exited the highway, and the political demonstrations near Astin's place impeding our ability to easily find a parking spot...but we did find a spot a couple of blocks away, and made it just a little late.

Not being the most socially adept with ‘new’ people – I was feeling the butterflies. When we walked into the lobby and dialed Astin's buzz code, I wasn’t sure if we should say our real names, or “PokerTart and Banky” – we went with real names...there was a slight pause from Astin, and then we were buzzed in. We got up to the apartment door and heard loud music. We knocked a couple times and got no answer. We started to wonder if we got the apartment number wrong…then we heard chanting…


Ok, right place...we just have to knock louder. 3rd time did the trick, and we were greeted by a smiling (and bleeding) Astin. We walked in to see a rousing game of Guitar Hero in progress. We got hugs from Kat, Bam-Bam, Pebbles, DonKaaaaaa, Carson and the rest of the Tuckfards.

The butterflies started to fade.

We soon met IronGirl and Joanada. We didn’t officially introduce ourselves to Al, Riggs, and CK until later (during and after dinner)...Astin’s living room was packed full of folks playing/watching Guitar Hero, so there wasn’t a good moment (and I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to just walking up and introducing myself).

Dinner was served not to long after we arrived, and it was awesome. The appetizer and dessert were my faves though. I could have eaten bowls of both. In fact, I helped myself to 2 servings of dessert. It goes against my nature to allow ice-cream, especially home-made deliciousness, to go uneaten. And by then, I was ready for a nap. But, no nap was to be had. Instead we walked 345,897,987km to the poker game. Ok, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. It felt long though, because I was blindly following Kat & Astin.

After a quick stop into the liquor store, we were up in the club. It was bigger than I thought it would be – but emptier. I guess Saturday is slow?

Soon we were into the game. And it was not at ALL like I expected! These bloggers play toight! I guess I’m too used to Woody’s rebuy madness...I didn’t know how to play against real players who know how to play.

I think Banky had the same problem. There were only 3 rebuys, 2 of which were from us. Heh.

Needless to say, I won the “first person to rebuy” prize. I’ll post pics of my well-earned prize later.

I did manage to make the final table, but busted when my all-in was called by pocket 3s. I guess he put my range 2s? I had J10, the flop brought a Jack in the door, and then a 3 right after. Booooo.

I’ll let Kat tell the rest of the final table story...I’m sure she’s dying to!

After watching the final table action for awhile, a 1/2 game started up. Banky and I played with Astin, Astin’s buddy, some club people, and Riggs, Joanada, and Kat joined later.

None of the other bloggers joined the cash game...the party seemed to end after the tourney finished and almost everyone left. I was bummed – not because they didn’t join the game, but because I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with all of them.

The cash game ended when one of the club players left. It was pretty late and my back had been bothering me for hours. I hated to leave (Banky and I leaving essentially busted up the game), but I was too tired and sore to keep going. I was down a little in cash, but up a LOT in hugs.

It’s hard to put into words what it was like hanging out with these folks. I can only imagine what it would be like in Vegas, where the drinks flow freely, and there’s no worry of getting home.

Some of my highlights:

Seeing the Tuckfards again, and getting lots of hugs from Bam-Bam and Pebbles.

Spending quality girl-time at the poker table with CK, Joanada, Pebbles, IG, and Kat. In my normal poker travels, it’s testosterone city. It was awesome to play with these smart and funny chicks.

“I am going to beat you WITH your kid, if you don’t keep him away from my daughter”
- Riggs, telling the story of meeting the father of his 7 year old daughter’s boyfriend.

Watching Carson SMOKE Guitar Hero.

“They must have known you’re American. We have universal health-care in Canada”
- Banky, explaining to Riggs that he got double-screwed by his stripper’s sob-story about needing money for surgery for a kid with no feet.

Meeting Astin. I now have a girl crush on what has to be one of Toronto’s most eligible bachelors. Cute, cooks, and made me laugh repeatedly at the poker table. (Even after crushing me with his QQ v my JJ).

- CK. No other explanation needed.

Meeting Al. He was much more subdued that I was expecting. But it was great to finally meet someone I’d been reading for so long. Next time, Al, once this baby is born...we’re doing SoCo shots together!

There were many more moments, but most too hard to explain. All there is left to say is THANK YOU, to the bloggers who traveled from near and far, to Astin for hosting a terrific dinner, and to Kat for herding us poker-cats together for a wonderful time.


Astin said...

Fantastic to finally meet you and Bankwell! I'm so glad you enjoyed dinner, and that the ice cream didn't disappoint.

Now I just need to get to word out to the non-married women in Toronto... ;)

katitude said...

LOL @ "herding us poker-cats together"!

Honestly it was my pleasure...and to be *really* honest, it was purely selfish as I had a wicked case of winter blahs!

Thanks again to you and Banky (and mini-tart/banky) for coming :-)

BWoP said...

REMON now has a whole new meaning in my world.

Nice to meet you and Mr. Bankwell.

And yeah, the poker chicks represented! All of the chicks made the final table. BOOOOOOM.

Riggstad said...

Sooo nice to you and banky! Really had a great time!

Poker chics Rock! Friggin luck sacks! The lot of you!


BamBam said...

Seriously hug deprived and suffering from hug-de-tox!

Yes I KNOW it's not the booze!


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you guys again. I look forward to next time.

Poker chicks kick ass. Just not Matt's ass.