Thursday, November 27, 2008

Does it ever get easier?

How do you Moms and Dads out there do it?

I'm STILL exhuasted, and grumpy, and I just want to sleep.

Please, please tell me it gets easier than this.


Instant Tragedy said...

It does, but then you look at the kids and are in shock at how big they have gotten. You look with wide eyed amazement as the once little one you took care of start to give you advice.

And then you realize it never did hurt in the first place.


OhCaptain said...

It get so much better.

As your kids get older, the will break your heart, sure, but they will amaze and inspire you. They will fill your heart with more love then you can ever imagine.

Some day, you have days like this post of mine.

Here's a nugget from my 5 year old. This kept me smiling for a week...oh, amend made me smile again.

Some days they make me so exhausted, there's nothing I can do. I've fallen asleep playing countless poker tournaments. Picture me, laying on the couch, laptop on my belly, snoring. Sucks. Some days I miss poker, but no hug from my kids and the world smiles again :-)

OhCaptain said...

Oh, and what Sean said.

BamBam said...

Easier huh?

Hmmmmm....... EASIER ?

Uh... not exactly easier no. I don't think I can really say that. but then it's really not supposed to, if you really think about it.

I'm totally with I/T and the good Captain of course, but I just don't think the word "easy" will ever rightfully belong along side Parenthood.

The secret lies somewhere in the organization of time, the happiness and joy you experience no matter what you and your child are doing and the realization that they are always learning something from you, so always consider what you are teaching them through your own actions.

Once you can master and control all of these three things, call me and tell me how the hell you did it! I've been trying for over 18 yrs. now!


Honest advice from my heart yummy-mommy? Enjoy every moment you can no matter what. It's all about time that matters with your child. Until you experience how fast say... oh 18 yrs. or so can actually go by, there's no real way to understand why what you have right now is so very special.

But we've hugged and talked and you know as much about me as just about anyone outside of my immediate family, so you know I'm offering genuine advice hear.

Enjoy the time as best you can now. It's time that never comes back if you don't, but comes back a thousand smiles over when you do.

Want to talk? You know where to find me.


Verification word is luvin.

Anonymous said...

Yes it does get easier in someways but more difficult in others.

Little kids little problems
Big Kids Big Problems.

Now that my 2 girls are 8,10 I look back at those early days and am amazed at how fast it went by even though when you are in the moment it feels like you will never get a good nights sleep again.

Hang in there There is hope.

the Donkey Show.

BamBam said...

I have a great idea !!!!!

Let's hug HUGE at EH-Vegas.

Wha'cha think?