Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Giving today a chance

I always liked the first day of school. It was nerve-wracking, but there was always a sense of promise, of a fresh start - this year, things will be better. I will be cooler, I will have more friends, I will be smarter, and I will actually do my homework. And of course, there was the new clothes, which were always just a touch too heavy to wear in early September, but I wore them anyway.

I'm not going back to school - but I want a new wardrobe anyway. If I can't actually have a fresh start, at least I can get a new pair of shoes...


Been suckered into playing every day on FullTilt (at least for a few minutes) in their Take 2 ring game promo. I both love and hate poker equally. Poker is like the worst boyfriend you could ever have. Makes you feel beautiful and then screws your best friend. But I come back for more, because I CAN CHANGE HIM. *sigh*


Kevin Smith did a 24-hour tweet-a-thon on Twitter yesterday/today. I only saw a handful of his tweets this morning, and this one resonated with me...

ThatKevinSmith Via @Tkide "give me some inspiration to make it through the work day" Today could rule. Give it a chance.

Today could rule. Give it a chance. I like it. I like it a lot.


Katitude said...

Well I gave today a chance and ended mostly happy and all tired. Consensus - it mostly ruled. Going to give tomorrow a chance and see where it gets me.

Ty for posting that, El!

Sean D said...

I agree.

I thought yesterday would suck when I woke up. but I just trudged through and in the end it didn't suck.

You Rock El!!!

BamBam said...

Did I ever tell you how much I love reading over here?

I love it HUGE!


jusdealem said...

"I can change him."...that's so great...so very true, too. I've been on a poker break, lately. I've rather enjoyed my time away. :)

mmo25 said...

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