Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Oh, right. Manners.

Banky's out playing squash (his new obsession), the baby (when, officially, can I stop calling him the baby, anyway?) is sleeping, so here I find myself in front of FullTilt. Lately I only have time for 15-30 minutes here and there, so I've been limited to small-stakes ring games....but since I have more time tonight, I decided to fire up a SNG.

Just as the game starts, another player wished everyone good luck.

I honestly did a double take. It's been so long since I've been at a poker table with strangers where there was any sort of geniality. I was a little shocked.

And then I remembered how poker was when I started playing. People would say good luck, and good game, and nice hand (or GL, GG, and NH). It was rare that anyone spewed the venom and hate that I saw so much that I started tuning the chat out (or outright turning it off at times). When did everyone get so mean?

It took me a few seconds - but I responded to the other player, wishing them luck, too. I busted early - I hope Ms.Friendly goes on to win it...


The Blue Knave said...

I don't see much chat at all, neither venemous nor friendly. On the online games, everyone's multi-tabling so hard I don't think they have time for that.

But I've run into a few friendly tables, and it's great when it happens.

It's such an opportunity to be sitting with people from all over the world!

OhCaptain said...

It comes and goes in streaks. Sometimes I find the friendly game, but most of the time now, it's not even chatty at all. Feels like botville.

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