Monday, December 11, 2006

any 2?

The tourney on the weekend was fun, even though I only made it through about half the field.

Mr.Tart and I were well prepared this time around....the last three tourney's we've played at this place we've been starving before the middle of it, and it's out in booneville with nowhere nearby to grab a bite, so we made sandwiches, brought drinks....we were in for the long haul.

To bad I couldn't catch a single card. Ok, that's a lie. I caught 4 hands the entire time. I got pocket Jacks second hand in, raised and took down the pot. Later I got pocket 4s and was bet out of the pot, and then I got AQ and lost a race to an all-in shortstack who had 2s.

I played a few pots from the blinds, which I won uncontested, and stole a couple times. But despite having a great table image I didn't get any cards I felt comfortable raising with. I kept looking down and seeing 84o, 92o, K3o. It was very frustrating. I was finally so short stacked that I decided to push with any face....and it took me two full orbits to find one (J10s) I push, get called by the BB who has 97o, and the board pairs twice with an we both play the board and chop. A few hands later I push with Q2s and get called with AKo. His hand holds up, and IGHN.

I misplayed one hand against a local pro. He limped preflop and I was in the BB with A9o. I check and the flop brings A, 3, 5. I bet out for 600 (3x the BB), and he reraises me to 2400. I had over 7500 back, but I knew I couldn't just call. I either had to come over the top or fold. After thinking for awhile, I put him on an ace better kicker and folded. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure he would have raised pre-flop with an A10, AJ, AK, AQ...I'm thinking he had a lower pocket and was "testing" me by raising my bet. Lesson learned.

I then donked off a bunch of chips in the super loose cash game. Mistake #4567893

Yesterday I played my biggest online MTT to date - $100 buyin on UB. The same thing happened - no cards. This time Mr.Tart was next to me (playing Xbox) and was seeing the crap I was getting. So frustrating. I only outlasted 27 out of 123 players. Yuck.

I once asked a friend (whose play I respect) what to do when you aren't getting cards, and his response was "be patient". I think I was patient in both tourney's this weekend, but I still didn't come out on top (or even close to the middle). Hopefully this run of crappy holdings means that there are a bunch of high pockets and lovely suited connectors coming my way.

In good news, I played a 20 minute hit-n-run at a 5/10 LHE table on UB this morning and made back over the $100. Phew!

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