Wednesday, December 27, 2006

online breather

So I officially need a breather from online play.

I can play a $50 live SNG, lose and not blink an eye (ok, maybe a few blinks), but then I'm up, helping the TD chip-up the other players, dealing final table (if Mr. Tart is still in it), and can leave happy....knowing that I've played well and had a fun night out. But I'll play a $10 SNG online and lose and I get angry, and frustrated, and want to chase my loss right then and there. It's a feeling I don't like....and I can definitely feel an addictive "pull" when I play online.

I think it's because when I play live, it's so much more than just cards and money. It's social interaction, it's playing with the chips, it's looking for tells (and trying not to give any). When I play online, all I can think about is my account balance. Not good.

I have a customer service related tourney ticket to use Jan 2nd....but other than that, I'm not going to play online for (at least) the month of January.

Luckily I have a bunch of live games on the books for Jan, and hopefully Mr.Tart and I can get to the casino at least once a I won't be wanting for action!

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