Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bingo Bonanza!

After a brief foray into an $80 freezout, the past two Woody’s games have reverted to their previous rebuy bingo structure: $60 rebuys for first 3 levels, $20 addon for half a stack after the rebuy period is over. It’s fair to say that the Woody’s boys were back with a vengeance last night…as the prize pool was almost $2000 for 16 players. I think it worked out to almost $120 per person. It was insanity. I had to rebuy on the second hand after I overplayed my pair of jacks, and I saw one player (Guy) get his pocket kings cracked 4 times (twice busting completely and having to rebuy). He lost to me when I had pocket Aces, and to Banky when he had AK.

My hand was textbook. I was in the BB and player UTG+1 raises it 3xBB. Guy reraises him x3, and I look down and see Aces. I’m worried that if I reraise it’ll just scream Aces, but I wanted to get more money into the pot with two players who were anxious for action. I knew going all-in would scare UTG+1 out, so I just doubled Guy’s raise. UTG+1 folded anyway, and Guy said “raise”, and then my heart went pitter patter. He fumbled with his chips for a bit and then went all in. I immediately called and tabled my Aces. They held up, and I doubled up. Woot!

Guy also had AA twice that night, and they held up both times – but he ended up busting well out of the money after rebuying twice.

But that was just the beginning of the insanity. There were more ball-crushing suckouts than I’ve ever seen in one game. It was painful.

I misplayed the first two hands badly (and the second hand in cost me a rebuy), but after that I pulled my shit together and was able to play a very solid game. One of the most satisfying events last night was a call I made on Al. The details of the hand are unimportant, but the result was I read him as weak and even though I just had second pair/weak kicker I called his bluff bet on the river. It’s an amazing feeling when you know you’re making the right decision (and can also be sickening when you know you’re making the wrong decision, but do it anyway).

Long story short, I came in second and am now the money leader for the year.

Not bad for a girl in a room full of drunken monkeys!


katitude said...

mmm...drunken monkeys...the best kind.

Let me know if you ever venture downtown - there's a very soft game at the club I go to when i have some disposable income to splash about.

Mr. Bankwell said...
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Mr. Bankwell said...

think the whole room knew you had Aces....well at least I did.

You played awsome on Monday and have been running pretty hot lately, just carry it over to Thursday.

clarksburg said...

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