Monday, April 23, 2007

The Secret to poker?

If I frequently get a lot of chips early in a tournament and then finish middle of the pack, what does that tell me?

I have to ponder on that thought, because that happens to me frequently. I played in another blogger tourney last night: the WPBT limit event. Early on I was doing well, but then my aggression got the better of me and I gift-wrapped and hand delivered half my stack to another player.

I found it hard to recover after that and I fizzled out in 13th place. I'm sure the spiced rum & ginger ales that Banky was feeding me didn’t help (although it did make for an enjoyable evening).

Banky and I have been watching the NBC National Heads-up Championship, and I was very impressed by Shannon Elizabeth’s play (although only a few hands of her match against Mr. Celine Dion were shown). However, I was a little alarmed at just how shiney her teeth were. They looked great, but really…who’s teeth are that shiney? It looked like they were covered in Vaseline. I’ll have to remember that trick when I make it onto a televised event.

What I was surprised to hear was Shannon’s comment to Shana Hiatt in her post-win interview. She mentioned that she’s using the Law of Attraction in her life. It was a little bit of a goosebump moment for me because I just read The Secret this week and was totally energized by it. I totally see the connection between playing poker and the law of attraction and how it can translate into “luck”. If you persistently think bad things will happen, bad things will happen (see Mike Matasow). I’ve always felt like I was a lucky person…and now I’m going to make that even more true than before!

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