Monday, October 22, 2007

Early exit from the Big Game

Three easy steps to busting out of a deep stack tourney in 8 minutes.

1. Get AKh, raise 3xBB and win the blinds.
2. Get AKo, raise 3xBB, get called and fold to a post flop bet when you miss the board.
3. Get QQ, call a pre-flop reraise and then go all in on a flop of 3 baby cards. Get called by AA.

And there you have it!

I thought a lot about the QQ hand. And there are only two ways I don’t lose my stack there. I can fold pre-flop when Al re-re-raised me. I know that the 3rd raise is supposed to mean Aces…but I just don’t think I’m good enough to fold there. And an Ace or King on the flop would have stopped me.

Ah well – the better hand held up, as it should. I don’t know who won yet, but I hope Al put my stack to good use & took the fooker down!


katitude said...

Alas, the guy I donated chips to was the winner. Damn him! lol.

Glad to see you there; the Mookie and the Riverchasers are far more fun.

BamBam said...

There was a lot of that going around this weekend P/T. Poor Carson ran his K's into A's and the his 10's into K's. It happens.

I have to say that,

I am thrilled that there will be soooo much canadian content in Vegas on 12/8. I just put pebbles and I on the list, only to see that Kat, Banky and yourself beat us to it. lol.

We were going to try to pressure you into it. LMAO.

nh Bam-Bam... nh.

Amatay said...

ul with the tourn. nice blog btw