Monday, October 01, 2007

RC4 victory!

Sometimes poker can be really fun.

On Saturday, Banky and I participated in RC4 (the 4th iteration of a team based poker event called the Royal Cup). The name sounds more official than it really is…it’s essentially a bunch of poker enthusiasts getting together for a crazy day of poker.

Each team has 8 players, who each play in 4 rounds:

Stud/Omaha (half the team plays Stud, the other half Omaha)
Limit Hold’em
No Limit Hold’em

Our team rocked the house (ok, we rocked the community hall), and took 1st place!

Because you got more points the higher you placed in the sit-n-gos, I knew it was going to be a good day when half of our players finished first or second in the Stud & Omaha games. We remained strong throughout the day, but lost some steam during the heads-up matches where we only won 2 of 8 (last time, we won 6 of 8 HU matches). But despite our lackluster HU performance, we still pulled in a win. It felt so good to win as a team. Especially since poker is both a social and solitary pursuit – week in and week out, these people were my opponents….but they’ve also become my friends. It was a really good feeling to have someone to cheer for, and someone to cheer for you.

My results were not the best of the team, but were still very respectable. I played Stud and finished 3rd, I finished 2nd in Limit, 5th in No Limit, and lost my heads-up match. The Limit game was the most frustrating loss for me, as I really outplayed my opponent – three times I got him all-in with the worst of it only to have him suck-out to double up and stay alive. He was a strong opponent though, and we played heads-up for well over an hour. I was most disappointed in my HU game. I think I was a better player than my opponent, but I didn’t play my best. C’est la vie.

All in all, it was an awesome day…and it’s always fun when you come home with some cash in your pocket.


BamBam said...

A happy P.T., is the best P.T. say's me!


We've been playing a lot more H.O.R.S.E. up here lately, or PLO. Just to change things up a bit once in a while.

We've only played one "team" format and it was a huge hit. Pebbles and I ran an alternate shot game. It's just what it sounds like. You play one hand, then your partner sits down to play the next one, then you, then partner etc..etc.. There is no time to get any real feel for the other players or the game. You just have to go with your gut.

I think I'll see if I can get something like "RC4" fired up around here. We've got plenty of players and it sounds like a hoot.

Mr. Bankwell said...

The Limit game was yours except for the suck outs.

In points we were the same, and that was a little under the team average but the other members nail some serious high points.