Monday, May 05, 2008

Feelin' good

I like playing poker for many reasons, most of them selfish. I like the feeling of winning, I like that there’s something ‘competitive’ that I’m good at (sometimes), I like the camaraderie that (hopefully) exists at the table, I like watching my poker fund grow. But sometimes, there are better reasons to play.

On Saturday night, Banky and I played at Woody’s house, in a game he organized to raise money for mitochondrial disease research. Unfortunately, one of the regulars we play with every other Monday has a very close connection to Mitochondrial disease; his nephew lived with the disease since shortly after birth until he passed away this winter at age 6. Every game we play at Woody’s we donate $10/player to the Mito March (the big annual fundraiser), but this game was a bit was a rebuy game where 20% of the prize pool would go to the Mito March.

Woody designed a great structure – very player friendly. And between the tournament and the “Mito Tip Jar” that we used in the cash game afterwards, we raised $700.

That makes going out on the bubble a little easier for me ;)

It’s safe to say that Banky had more fun than I did (if that’s possible). I think when he relaxes and doesn’t care about the result so much, he gets much better results.

I did make my buy-in back in the cash game, and had a HUGE amount of fun, so it was definitely a good night. The only drawback:

Playing from 8pm–3am + 7 months pregnant = swollen ankles of hilariously disgusting proportions.

For more info on what we raised money for, visit:


My final out said...

Sounds like a great cause. You guys should be proud.


DrewFours said...

I love to see people being able to enjoy their passion/hobby while benefitting causes so worthwhile.

As a member of a family that has lost a child to a similar affliction (Krabbe Syndrom see it's always nice to see people stepping up.


BamBam said...

Yes Dear Yummy-Mommy....

You should all be very proud indeed.
If you can make the baby kick on demand... I'll give the ankle massage.

Now THAT's a prop bet!


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. I think every poker group out there should pick a cause and do something for it.

Good work guys.