Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blogroll updates + pimpage

I've been catching up on my blog reading, and realized that I've been remiss in updating my blogroll with some bloggers I've started (and restarted) reading...

Bam-Bam in Bedrock. My favourite TuckFard has a cave of his own.

Jusdealem. Been reading this gal for awhile now.

Kajagugu. I started reading Kaja after we played in Kat's donkament.

And to my complete delight - I've redicovered Grubby. I've been checking his pokerworks blog daily and haven't seen an update since September. I decided to check his old blog, and discovered that he and Grubette have been blogging faithfully there. Grubby was the first poker blog I ever read. It's been great catching up on his posts.


The new issue of Truckin' is out.

November 2007, Vol. 6, Issue 11And we're back...

Existentialist Conversations with Strippers: The Afternoon Shift by Paul McGuireThe club was just the type of seedy place where you might find William Kennedy Smith or any other soused heirs to the Kennedy name, knocking back cheap scotch at 3 pm while aggressively fondling the sketchy girls with visible c-section scars and multiple fresh bruises all over their cracked-out bodies.... More

Lonesome Cowboy Bill by AlCantHangMy comfort zone is a dive rock club where I can chain smoke, power drink, and have my head assaulted with decibels equivalent to a jumbo jet taking off. The next step down the ladder would be the pubs and bars the exist for sole purpose of its patrons getting blitzed on various hardcore drinks. Then comes the sports bars, strip clubs, snooty yuppie bars, and hotel watering holes. Near the very bottom would generally be any place that plays country music... More

Seven Minutes with Olga by Change100Olga led me all the way to the back and sat me down. She took her top off and grabbed my hands, placing them on her very soft, very real breasts... More

The Sleep Deprived Memoirs of I by Sigge S. AmdalI might as well go to sleep, I thought. And I thought about sleeping forever, the eternal sleep, and how it could feel – was it cold or was it cozy – had it not been for facts contesting life after death in terms of subjectively sensory experience... More

Their Father's Love by Sean A. DonahueTying to explain the differences and the complaints of a failed marriage is too complicated for a four-year old to understand. I think I heard the phrase, "But why daddy?" more than I ever thought I could. But it wasn't my kids' fault... More


KajaPoker said...

I always love picking up new readers. Thanks for the link. I just added you to my bloglines a couple of days ago so it's funny that the first post I read is where you link to me :-)

Running with Spades said...

Hey Tart. I just thought you might be interested to know Google Reader has a way for you to keep your blogroll on your blog synchronized with the blogs that you are actually reading. Of course that assumes you use you use Google Reader to keep up to date with your blogs, but it's a pretty nice service if you ask me.

Anyway, I've got some instructions here on how to do it if you are interested.

I swear I'm not a pimp for Google, lol. Just thought you might find if useful :)

Anonymous said...

"My favourite TuckFard"

Come on... you just haven't given the rest of us a chance.

BamBam said...

Oh P/T... ::blush::

Thanks so much for the pimpage.

Don't worry about Carson, he's harmless as long as Suzy_Q has his lead on. ;o}
Besides... Someone has to be favorite, right?

And I write cuter... well, just a little.

BamBam said...

Have you noticed that I am not putting one iota of pressure on you to post again?

I love opening up you site to read:

"Bam-Bam, My favorite TuckFard."