Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'd rather be eating turkey

While many of my poker blogging brethern are enjoying a day filled with family, turkey and football – I’m working at home due to some terrifically crap-tastic driving conditions.

I’m pretty lucky that I have the kind of job where the occasional work-from-home day is acceptable, because 2+ hours each way = my personal hell.

Pokering has been ok lately. Banky and I went to a game on Saturday night that did not end well. I busted just before the bubble, and Banky on the bubble. I really didn’t care, but Banky was really ticked off about how card dead he was – and it showed. It was kind of uncomfortable, especially since I started dealing after I busted out. I know I’m not personally responsible for the cards I dealt out, but somehow I felt like I was pouring salt in the wounds. Not pretty. I think his reaction was less about this game in particular, and more about how bad he’s been running lately. Bubble after bubble can wear you down.

Good news is, the bubble streak was broken when he won Woody’s on Monday. Of course, he took me out along the way. Punk.

Now for the bad news. Banky and I are out for Vegas. There are a bunch of reasons….but ultimately it’s just not the right time for us.

Hopefully we can organize some sort of GTA-Vegas get-together in the near future...we have a swank poker room. Ok, it’s a folding poker table in our basement, but still, the invite is open…


Anonymous said...

Start with the Good: Nice work Banky!!!!

Bad: Booo on Vegas. I know Bam Bam will be sad to hear this.

Good: GTA-Vegas... I hope you have room for a truck load of TuckFards. We are the donkeys your Mother warned you about.

katitude said...


How disappointing about Vegas. I'm thinking about doing another Eh-Vegas soon, so there's always that :-)

LTD Poker said...

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BamBam said...

:: sigh ::

I......... am..........CRUSHED.

I hate crossing things off my list. I really hate it.

Now I have to take "shake Banky's hand while I kiss his wife" off.

That blows !


Mr. Bankwell said...

Don't let us not going stop you Bam Bam.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Would have liked to meet you and the Bankster but there will be another time...

yestbay said...

Sorry to hear that you won't be in Vegas, I was looking forward to meeting you. Hopefully next time!