Monday, November 26, 2007

Easy come, easy go

Working from home on Thursday brought a lovely side effect – lunchtime poker. I convinced Banky to play a $5 HORSE sng with me. Big mistake – he busted me on (or near) the bubble. At least he took second place ;)

When my ‘work day’ was done, I decided to play way above my roll (as I am occasionally known to do), and crushed the 15/30 OHL game. I quadrupled my buy-in (which, incidentally, more than doubled my roll on FullTilt). Wheeeeee

I know one shouldn’t risk so much of their bankroll on one game. But my offline bankroll is more than sufficient. And sometimes I just get sick of the small stakes. I’m a gambler at heart.

The league game that night was disappointing as usual. When the blinds were 150/300, we had 6 players left and we were all shortstacked. I was the chipleader at one point, with less than 10 times the Big Blind. There’s so much wrong with the structure of the game, and I really don’t have fun there anymore. The people I really liked have stopped coming, and last week the ONLY person talking it up and trying to have a good time was Banky. Everyone else was sitting there stonefaced. BO-ring. Anyhoo…

That lead to Friday and what is quickly becoming the most therapeutic game I play…Kat’s Donkament. I like being able to act silly and not care about the results. Last week I think I was in for $15 bucks. This week, I didn’t have to rebuy once. The poker gods were on my side. I ended up losing to Carson when my hammer lost to AceJack. I think that was hammer karma hitting me because I told Astin that his hammer was no goot. Ooops!

Saturday I thought I was the shiznit and tried to repeat my OHL crushing, and was crushed instead. I lost 2 buyins…gross. But I was still up for the weekend, so I was able to keep it in perspective. The only bad part is, after riding the variance train on Thursday, I cashed out a bug chunk of change, so with the loss on Saturday,my FT balance is back on the paltry side. Ah well, time to rebuild...


BamBam said...

Now I know why you're my favorite P/T. "I'm a gambler at heart."

I'll see you Friday, if not before.


Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

When crushing on the high limits ride it as long as you can. Many of people have built a big bankroll on a few crushing sessions. Best of luck.

RaisingCayne said...

I have to say, I think this is the first I've heard of Kat's Friday Night $1 rebuy Donkament being referred to as "therapeutic." Personally, I like it 'cause it drives me to drinking on Friday nights! I kid, it's always good times.

Sorry to hear of your league game losing its luster. Sure is a bummer when a hobby that you're passionate about loses it's entertainment value just 'cause of the others involved.

Good luck with your "taking shots" at the higher limits!