Monday, February 12, 2007

Back in the online saddle...

I decided to give online poker another try this weekend, and rebought in to Full Tilt. I can honestly say, that although I lost way more than I won this weekend, I had more fun playing online poker than I have in a very long time.

I played a bunch of tournaments, and even won a satellite into the $200 HORSE event on Saturday night. I’d never played HORSE before Saturday, and I loved it. I’d played all the games separately at times, except Razz – which ended up being my favourite of all the rotations. I think I only played “ok” in the big tournament. I went out after about an hour and a half…somewhere in the 500s (520ish?) out of 568 players. I held my own in the early rounds, but was in over my head in one Stud High round and lost a lot of my chips and just couldn’t recover.

I’ve been so down on online poker as of late, because of the horrendous suckouts (which, I know everyone gets, but I find myself more frustrated by them online than I am in real life). But this weekend I just felt differently about my results – I’m not sure if it was because I was playing new games, or because I was playing tournaments instead of cash games – but it was just plain fun.

I also chatted briefly with Michael Craig when we were at the same table in the HORSE super-satellite. I loved his book, so that was neat. And then I, in so many words, was called a donkey by some Full Tilt pro that I’d never heard off (Aaron Bartley, I think?). And that was just plain funny – because I’ve reviewed the hand in question, and I think I played it just fine (not perfectly, but not terribly either). I think it’s amusing that people feel free to criticize you online in a way that they never would if you were sitting right across from them.

I’m definitely going to play more HORSE tournaments (but likely lower buy-ins than this weekend), and try to win my way into Full Tilt’s Sunday night HORSE tourney. But I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to play this week, Banky and I have a lot of poker on the books….

Woody’s game tonight, Thursday poker league, Friday at the Bus Driver’s place, and Rama on Monday (we both have the day off). I’m exhausted excited just thinking about it!

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