Friday, February 09, 2007

If you see it, it will come...

I can either see into the future, or I can’t.

Last night was the first night in the new season of our poker league. For the past 4 seasons either Bankwell (aka Mr.Tart) or I have won the opening game. But alas, it was not meant to be last night.

I didn’t play many hands last night. By the 4th blind level (20/40), I was only down slightly from starting stack (875 vs starting stack of 1000). I’m in the BB with one limper in MP, and face a 150 raise from the SB – I look down and see pocket Aces. Sweet!

I figure the limper will fold, and I’ll face the SB heads-up, so I just call the raise. But MP reraises 600 on top. Oh la la. I’m going to get paid. SB folds, and I go all-in.

I know the MP will have AA, KK, QQ or AK in this position, so I’m very happy when he calls my all-in (which really, even if he was making a move, he’d have to call, because it’s only 325 more). He does indeed flip over KK, but a K falls on the river and I pout for about 45 seconds before getting up from the table.

It’s so weird, because I knew a King was coming. I know that sounds like bullshit – but one of the busted out players was dealing, and I looked at her before she dealt the board, and we both shook our heads. Did I send out bad karmic energy to make the King come, or was it a little psychic moment that gave me a glimpse at the river? I’m not a pessimistic person who always thinks she’s getting beat….but this time, I just felt it.

The exact opposite happened to Bankwell. He was short-stacked and all-in with pocket fives, and got called by KQc. The flop came 8, 5, X with two clubs. His opponent said “I can get the flush!” and Bankwell said – “That’s ok, the 8 is coming”. Turn brought a club, river brought the 8 for the full house. He told me later that he was 100% confident the board was going to pair. Did his confidence have any affect on the outcome, or is this all just poker player whimsy?

Only the universe can tell, I suppose.

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