Friday, February 16, 2007

No play=good play?

When ever we have an undesirable result at a game, Banky and I always ask each other “How do you think you played?” If we think we played well, then it’s easier to get over the bad result.

Last night I had a bad result – 12th of 17. But I feel unable to evaluate my play, because I barely played. My wrist got sore from flicking my cards into the muck over, and over, and over. It’s strange, because I didn’t get the frustrating card-dead stack-is-shrinking feeling that I’ve had before, because I was able to steal two pots using position. By the end of the 4th blind level, my stack was $25 above starting, and I still had 10xBB.

I then lost two pots calling short-stack all-ins and lost (with the best hand) both times, and then had just over 6xBB. Unfortunately, there were several shorter stacks who kept pushing all-in while I folded 82, J4, 103, etc. Finally I pushed with a King in the BB when it was folded to the SB who limped in, and he slow-rolled me with AJ. I caught my card on the turn and he caught his on the river. Wah wah.

But it wasn’t dramatic, it wasn’t adrenaline filled, and for the first time in awhile, it wasn’t even that much fun. It was fold, fold, fold, lose a pot, fold, fold, out. Anti-climatic to say the least.

So Banky and I went home, watched Survivor and drank beer to drown our sorrows.

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