Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Double Bubble

Banky and I finished 5th and 4th respectively last night in a game that paid top 3. Bah!

The night started off great when I got a boat lead of chips from Sr when I had nut flush to his trip Kings. But other than that, there weren’t many memorable hands.

I got short stacked bluffing off some chips to Banky when he had a flush draw and I had a straight draw – we both missed, but I chickened out and didn’t bluff the river. Weak.

After that I survived by stealing pots when I could. Banky busted out 5th when he got caught in a semi-bluff. My bust-out was pretty non-eventful. I went out when I had about 4xBB and went all-in with A10. Got quickly called by 1010 and my Ace didn’t hit.

That’s all she wrote last night.

1 comment:

Mr. Bankwell said...

Poor Sr.......why do you have to constantly kick his ass...he's such a nice grumpy old man.

At least he got to watch hockey.